Pre-School Gymnastics

Litsa, Pre-school deprtment leader at Affinity welcomes you! 

Pre-school is a real highlight of our classes at Affinity. Of course you can start gymnastics at any age (even 80! seriously, it's happened!) however we really see the best from those that start as young children. The benefit gained in learning how to use your body, social skills, responding to challenges and instilling fun with movement is extra important and pays dividends with our young ones. Oh and time for a brag - we reckon we've the country's BEST pre-school department leader. How do we know that? She's a fabulous mix of knowledge (having studied pre-school child development and through her teaching and assesing of coaching qualifications), experience (just watch her 'magic' with being to provide each child with exactly what they need to succeed) and leadership - she's previously developed and run her own pre-school coaching business and has developed our pre-school coaching team at Affinity. Our pre-school gymnastics sessions are full of FUN, serious learning and kindness. 

The best way to decide of pre-school gymnastics is for you and your little one? We've got you covered:

1) Check out Litsa's blog, where she explains her top ten ways gymnastics helps preschool children grow into well-rounded adults - find it 
2) Check out what our current members have to say about their experience of pre-school classes with us (these were collected at the end of the summer term 2018:

"The whole set up of Affinity and the way it is taught is fantastic"
"Gymnastics has been invaluable to both my children at the preschool age in developing their gross motor skills"
"The preschool team are amazing and have just the right balance of fun, discipline and control"
"Thank you for giving my child the confidence to take part and for beliving in her"
"He has really learned to listen and take turns and have confidence in trying new things"
"Confidence has grown 100% from a child who couldnt face the thought, to it literally being a highlight of his week. His ability to follow instructions and interact in small groups has also increased. Cannot thank Litsa and vicki enough for helping Oscar to transition into the class and look after him so well"
"Gymnastics has been a big positive for Sophia and watching her develop and learn and having an interest has been fantastic!"
"Keira loves coming to gymnastics every Friday, its her favorite day of the week!"
"Erin looks forwards to Friday every week. She talks non stop about it, when she wakes up on Friday mornings all she wants to do is get ready for gymnastics although its 7:30am :-)"
"She is hypermobile and I feel gymnastics has helped her to control her movement. Litsa especially has been very helpful in helping her to learn and understand her body"

3) Have a look at our class logistics below - ages, times/days etc and register for your preferred class here.

What happens at these classes?

Toddlers - walking to 3yrs, with parent.
  • Teach and Play together our experienced coaches will take you through a group warm up then show you various gymnastics skills each week with how to teach it and support your child safely.
  • Explore and Play together different activities around the gym with our coaches help.
  • Learn and Play our coaches will help the adults understand why we do what we do from a child development perspective...including weekly fun facts.
Independent Pre-School Classes - 3 to 4yrs (till full time school)
Independent sessions for children to develop confidence and social skills in preparation for school and body awareness whilst in a gymnastics environment.
A typical session consists of: 
  • Musical warm up and creative play with different hand apparatus each week to develop hand to eye coordination, team work and body awareness
  • Skill development on vault, beam, bars, mini trampoline and floor
  • Cool down and creative play with hand apparatus to develop body strength or flexibility.
  • Serious fun and positive environment at our classes.

'Mini Ninjas' Pre-school FreeG (Freestyle Gymnastics) – 3 to 4yrs (till full time school)
We've another option for extra-energetic pre-schoolers - our FreeG (or Freestyle Gymnastics) - think parkour, freerunning, moving, tricks, flips and kicks) will be a specially tailored class for this age group.  

When are these classes on?

Toddlers - walking to 3yrs with parent.

Friday 11:30am-12:15pm 

Independent classes – 3-4yrs (till full time school) 

Monday 1-1:45pm and 2-2:45pm, Tuesday 9:30-10:15am and 10:30-11:15am, Friday 1-1:45pm and 2-2:45pm​

'Mini Ninjas' Pre-school FreeG (Freestyle Gymnastics) – 3-4yrs (till full time school)

Tuesdays 1-1:45pm

Where are these classes held?

Classes are run at Affinity HQ – Plumpton Road, Hoddesdon.


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